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  Brit Marschalk

  Brit is an aspiring speculative fiction writer living near Atlanta, Georgia. A software engineer by trade, she founded The Town Drunk in October 2005. She has contributed short fiction reviews to Tangent Online and The Fix. She attended the Viable Paradise writers’ workshop in 2005.
  David Reagan

Submissions Editor
  David lives in Austin, Texas where he enjoys a full slate of drinking, live music, outdoor activities, a day job driving tour boats on Town Lake, reading, writing, and as a direct corollary, slowly going insane. He has sold two stories, received a metric buttload of form rejects, and increasingly, a number of almost-but-not-quites. He lives with two roommates, a dog, a cat, and a deranged leprechaun who whispers iconoclastic ideology from the heating ducts while David is in REM sleep. Visit his website.
  Rae Carson

Submissions Editor
  Rae lives in a tiny, antique house in the middle of a California orchard with a dog, two cats, and countless black widow spiders. A background in sales and marketing uniquely qualifies her to read and write speculative fiction. Visit her website for a (short) list of publications.
  Kimberly Colley

Submissions Editor
  Kimberly—a former proofreader, flunky, stringer, reporter, and trial lawyer—now calls herself a writer. Her work has appeared in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, The Armchair Aesthete, and The Harrow. She is currently embroiled in a codependent relationship with an abusive house. Understandably, she is interested in forming intimate relationships with plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and general handymen.
    Arthur Dorrance

Submissions Editor

  Arthur is a nurse anesthetist who has also worked as an intensive care nurse. He is a former USN officer. He attended James Gunn’s Writer Workshop in 1998 and 1999, and he is a 2000 graduate Clarion East.
    Sarah Brandel

Submissions Editor

  Sarah Brandel has been pinballing between “author” and “editor” for the past 10 years. Her published works include stories in Aberrant Dreams and the anthologies Thou Shalt Not... from Dark Cloud Press and Cinema Spec: Tales of Hollywood and Fantasy from Raven Electrick Ink (forthcoming). She attended Clarion West in 1999 and Viable Paradise XII in 2008. As an editor, she has worked for Pearson Education publishing textbooks for middle school and high school students and for Apex Publications publishing dark science fiction online and in print. She lives in Minnesota and can be found online at her newly revamped website.
    Brian Cooksey

Submissions Editor
  Like most English majors, Brian works in IT. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife, fantasy artist Melissa Gay, his son Brendan, and 1.5 cats. He is lobbying heavily for a metric 30-hour day so he can get a little more sleep.
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